Bi Biip


Our upholstered car Bi Biip was developed and designed with young children's requirements in mind. This innovative mobile unit is intended for children aged between 1 and 6 years to enjoy during their carefree play. However, it offers so much more: it meets every child’s need for movement, practising and mastering motor skills, and it also enables free and safe movement as part of a quality environment for children to develop and grow in.

This is a multi-purpose, aesthetically finished product which provides much needed playfulness for toddlers, children and even adults, and at the same time can also be an attractive piece of furniture. This upholstered car came to life thanks to a cooperation between several experts, combining local knowledge with modern practices. It is designed, developed and produced in Europe, made of natural materials which are both child-friendly and environmentally friendly. It is soft and pleasant to the touch as well as easy to maintain.

Construction: plywood
Seat: polyurethane foam
Wheels: rubber wheels
Fabric composition:
  • Wool Fabric: 100% Virgin Wool ;  
  • Vegan Leather: 100% PVC (faceside), 100% Cotton (backside)

Certificate of Conformity: no. 19048: SIST EN 71-1:2015 – Safety of toys
Designed and produced in Slovenia